H-15 Raglan Hoodies - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 Raglan Hoodies - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 Raglan Hoodies - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 Raglan Hoodies - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 Raglan Hoodies - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣 - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣 - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣 - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣 - each印服裝訂造專門店
H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣 - each印服裝訂造專門店

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H-15 Raglan Hoodies

Stock Item | MOQ: 1 | 8-12 days delivery
Quantity 1pc 5pc 10pcs 20pcs 30pcs 40pcs
1 Single-coloured
A4 size artwork
$268 $218 $188 $158 $138 $128
If the order quantity is larger than 80pcs, please contact us for discount price.
A5(12x12) A4(22x27) A3(30x40)
Different names and numbers +$15 +$20 +$30
  • Prices of ordering 1-9 pieces are different for those items with minimum order quantity below 10 pieces.
  • Using heat transfer (PU) for 10 pcs below and screen print for more than 10 pcs.
  • Number of artworks, print size and printing method will affect the final price.
  • If the tailor-made items need to be modified, the price will be adjusted.
  • Above prices are only for reference.
Size Chart: See Size Chart
Composition: 300G 斜紋彈力衛衣布(67%棉+24%聚酯+9%氨綸)
Available Colors:  View all colors
Available Printing Method: Screen Printing, Embroidery, Versacamm, Direct To Garment (DTG) (know more... )
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Size Chart Of H-15 Raglan Hoodies

Sport Hoodies Size Chart (H-15)

Adult / Men Size Chart - Sport Hoodies (H-15)
Half Chest / Bust
Kids Size Chart - Sport Hoodies (H-15)
S(90) M(100) L(110) XL(120) 2XL(130) 3XL(140)
Half Chest / Bust
* No hood drawstring on kids size for safe reason.
Measurement Tips:


  • All our products are carefully measured by hand, 1-2 cm deviation is normal.
  • Try to choose a looser size because the just size may not fit due to tailoring errors or shrinking after washing.
  • Products made by cotton will normally shrink 1-2 cm after washing. Do not dry clean or tumble dry at a high heat, otherwise it may cause it to shrink.

Avaliable Colors Of H-15 Raglan Hoodies

Slightly color difference on the computer graphics is inevitable.

00. White

01. Black
(With Zipper Style)

02. Red
(With Zipper Style)

24. Grey
(With Zipper Style)

25. Navy Blue

04. Royal Red

06. Yellow
(With Zipper Style)

Details of H-15 Raglan Hoodies
H-15 have raglan sleeve and hooded design.
Made of TC sweater fabric, which is more elastic than the average sweater cloth and can be worn during sports.
Made of double-sided TC sweater fabric, it is very soft, elastic and anti-pilling.
The pockets on both sides are curved.
H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣的細節
There are 13 sizes available for men and children with 8 colours to choose from.
Designed with raglan sleeves.
It is suitable for different body shapes.
The cuffs and hem are designed with a CVC ribbed fabric.
H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣的細節

This style of adult-made cap straps are black for all colours.

H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣的細節

This style of children's clothing has no cap straps.

H-15 過頭笠扇肩衛衣的細節

The pockets on both sides are curved with a edging.

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