DA-01 Denim Long Apron - each印服裝訂造專門店
DA-01 Denim Long Apron - each印服裝訂造專門店
DA-01 Denim Long Apron - each印服裝訂造專門店
DA-01 Denim Long Apron - each印服裝訂造專門店
DA-02 全身牛仔圍裙 - each印服裝訂造專門店
DA-02 全身牛仔圍裙 - each印服裝訂造專門店
DA-02 全身牛仔圍裙 - each印服裝訂造專門店
DA-02 全身牛仔圍裙 - each印服裝訂造專門店

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DA-01 Denim Long Apron

Stock Item | MOQ: 1 | 8-12 days delivery
Quantity 10pcs 20pcs 30pcs 40pcs
No artwork $118 $108 $104 $101
If the order quantity is larger than 80pcs, please contact us for discount price.
A5(12x12) A4(22x27) A3(30x40)
Different names and numbers +$15 +$20 +$30
  • Prices of ordering 1-9 pieces are different for those items with minimum order quantity below 10 pieces.
  • Using heat transfer (PU) for 10 pcs below and screen print for more than 10 pcs.
  • Number of artworks, print size and printing method will affect the final price.
  • If the tailor-made items need to be modified, the price will be adjusted.
  • Above prices are only for reference.
Size Chart: See Size Chart
Composition: 牛仔布
Available Colors:  View all colors
Available Printing Method: Screen Printing, Embroidery, Versacamm, Direct To Garment (DTG) (know more... )
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Size Chart Of DA-01 Denim Long Apron
尺碼表 Size Chart
單位(CM) 上胸闊 Upper Chest Width 胸闊 Chest Width 圍裙長 Length
均碼 Standard Size 24cm 69cm 73cm
Measurement Tips:


  • All our products are carefully measured by hand, 1-2 cm deviation is normal.
  • Try to choose a looser size because the just size may not fit due to tailoring errors or shrinking after washing.
  • Products made by cotton will normally shrink 1-2 cm after washing. Do not dry clean or tumble dry at a high heat, otherwise it may cause it to shrink.

Avaliable Colors Of DA-01 Denim Long Apron

Slightly color difference on the computer graphics is inevitable.

D01. Denim Blue 牛仔藍

D02. Darken Denim Blue 深牛仔藍

Details of DA-01 Denim Long Apron
Adjustable shoulder strap design with metal buckle so length of the apron can be easily adjusted.
Two pockets at the front for ease of storing items.
DA-02 全身牛仔圍裙的細節
Straps at the back around the waistband to secure the apron.
It is made of washed denim with 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is a high quality denim.
DA-02 全身牛仔圍裙的細節

Embroidered on denim.

DA-02 全身牛仔圍裙的細節

Silkscreen print on denim.

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